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About Us

KETTO MACHINERY, the manufacturer of machinery spare parts & blowing/injection mold for beverage, bottled water, brewery and food industry equipment all over the world, inluding KRONES, SIDEL, KHS, SIPA, TECH-LONG brand etc. We not only provide the replacement spare parts which manufactured by ourselves, we also provide Engineering Service in Overhaul, Installation & Commissioning, Renovation, Transformation of CSD and HR Bottles, and Remodeling of Equipment. With several years experience in beverage industry, we are professional to help you to deal with all kinds of problems you meet. Our engineers are with more than 15 years experience who worked in Krones and Sidel to guarantee to provide perfect maintainence service. WE AIM TO HELP CUSTOMERS SAVE MAINTENANCE COSTS AND IMPROVE EFFICIENCY.

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Name: Ketto Machinery

Tel: +86-15700062689

E-mail: sales@ketto-machinery.com